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A Message from ICMA-RC President and CEO, Bob Schultze

December 29, 2015

Bob SchultzeEach day, ICMA-RC strives to bring the best services and the most innovative technology to our clients. Over the past few months, in addition to enhancing our digital delivery systems, we’ve developed a retirement readiness tool to assist plan participants on their path to retirement.

We are very excited about the redesign of Account Access, our account management website for participants, and EZLink, our plan administration website for plan sponsors. Enhancements to these websites have resulted in a more intuitive, visually appealing layout and streamlined navigation, making account information easily accessible for our clients. Since their launch, these enhancements have been well received by our clients.

We have further enhanced participants’ experience with the addition of our Am I On Track retirement readiness tool, which shows participants a retirement readiness score immediately upon logging in to their account, enabling them to quickly assess how prepared they may be for retirement. The tool also provides participants with a proposed savings rate, retirement age, and asset allocation as well as ways to improve their score.

ICMA-RC greatly values our local and state government clients, and we look forward to what the new year will bring as we work to help public sector employees build retirement security.

Bob Schultze

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